How to make use of CloudSET SLA Management in your Zendesk Account


CloudSET SLA Management is provided to new and existing Zendesk customers as part of a consulting lead service.

Initially, it will be necessary for a qualified CloudSET Sales Consultant to gain a high level understanding of your requirements to establish the level of complexity involved with your SLA Management solution.

This will allow for the provision of the following:

  • An estimate of the amount of consulting time and cost to complete the initial setup and configuration
  • An estimate of the subscription cost for the level of SLA Management services required

Please visit the CloudSET website for more information on pricing or contact Coherence Design via the Contact Us link (1) to arrange for an initial consultation with a CloudSET Sales Consultant.

Once a decision has been made to proceed, a qualified CloudSET Implementation Consultant will work with you to understand how the SLA Management process can interface with your exiting Customer Support process to successfully monitor and measure the performance of the SLA's in place with your customers.

The CloudSET Implementation Consultant will then perform the installation of the CloudSET SLA Management App and complete the initial setup and configuration of your SLA Management solution (see Initial Setup and Configuration for full details).

Once in place your SLA Management solution will be handed over for use along with the tools necessary to refine the setup and configuration going forward as necessary (see How to Configure your SLA Management Solution for full details).


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