Overview of the Initial Setup Procedure (SLA4)

The initial design, setup and configuration of your SLA Management solution is a consulting lead project during which a qualified CloudSET Implementation Consultant will work with you to understand your process and requirements and then carry out the initial setup and configuration on your behalf.

The purpose of this chapter is to support the Implementation Consultant and provide customers with an overview and understanding of the procedure involved and the type of information required to complete the initial setup and configuration of your SLA Management solution.


Before SLA Management can be applied to the tickets in your Zendesk account it is first necessary to model and configure the events in your Customer Support process that will be subject to monitoring and measurement of SLA performance.

Additional consideration is given to the scope of SLA measurement to control which of your tickets be subject to SLA and the behaviour for specific events to pause measurements when necessary if control is passed back to the customer or to a third party and issue notifications to should individuals or groups warning or informing of impending or occurring breaches respectively.

It will then be necessary to specify how each event will be measured using SLA policies and the business operating hours during which work will take place on completion of each event.

Once all information has been captured the components of your solution are generated so that SLA Management can be applied to your tickets and SLA performance can be monitored and measured.

The diagram above outlines the tasks necessary to perform the initial setup and configuration of your SLA Management solution and and the logical order in which each task is normally performed.

The following lessons provide a description of each task, including an explanation of the information captured about your SLA Management solution and how it will be used.

Full details explaining how to use of the CloudSET SLA Management Configuration Tool to capture and maintain this information can be found here:

Updating & Maintaining your SLA Management Solution

  1. Deploy the CloudSET SLA Management App (SLA4)
  2. Choose a Subscription Package (SLA4)
  3. Model the SLA Process (SLA4)
  4. Define the Scope of the SLA Measurements
  5. Configure SLA Metrics/Event Behaviour (SLA4)
  6. Define Business Hours (SLA4)
  7. Define Non-Working Days (SLA4)
  8. Specify Regions (SLA4)
  9. Specify SLA Policies (SLA4)
  10. Review the Configured SLA Management Process (SLA4)
  11. Save & Generate Solution Components (SLA4)
  12. Extending the Generated Solution with Custom Components (SLA4)
  13. Apply SLA Management to your Tickets (SLA4)
  14. Introduction to the SLA Assistant
  15. Introduction to the SLA-M Dashboard
  16. Monitor and Measure SLA Performance (SLA4)
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