Extending the Generated Solution with Custom Components (SLA4)

Depending upon the complexity and scope of your Customer Support process it might be necessary to introduce one or more custom manual components.

This will involve the introduction of macros and triggers that are manually created to apply rules that determine when an event timer should be manually started or stopped under specific conditions and or pass criteria and specific actions to perform based on your unique aspects of your Customer Support process.

For example:

  • There might be a need to identify an initial response or regular update made during a phone call or an external messaging service unknown to Zendesk
  • There might be a need to capture the completion of an event such as a workaround or an engineer arriving on-site
  • The recipient of a notification when an SLA warning or violation occurs might be determined by the Group, Organization and/or additional custom ticket field values used to classify the ticket.

The CloudSET extension framework provides enablers that make it possible to implement these custom extensions and the need for these additional Zendesk components will be identified and then implemented by your CloudSet Consultant as part of the initial setup and configuration.

However, the following articles describe some of the options available should you wish to gain a further understanding or wish to introduce your own extensions:

*Note: making changes to your model configuration can result in the loss of existing settings and/or unexpected behavior, so if in any doubt please consult your CloudSET Consultant or the CloudSET support center (support@cloudset.zendesk.com) before making any model changes.


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