Removing Deleted Events

Removing Deleted Events

It is possible that one of your tickets is deleted after SLA has been applied and the event timers have been started.

Under these circumstances, since Zendesk doesn't currently fire a trappable event when a ticket is deleted, the event timers for the deleted ticket will remain in the SLA-M Dashboard.

As the ticket has been deleted there will be no naturally occurring trigger to inform the dashboard that the ticket events should be removed, but the events can be removed from the dashboard as described below:

Since the deletion of a ticket under SLA should be a rare scenario it is usually practical to remove the events for deleted tickets manually.

This is achieved by hovering over the events for the deleted tickets whilst focused on the SLA-M Dashboard (1) and when the dashboard is next refreshed the ticket events will be removed.

*Note concerning large number of deleted tickets with running SLA event timers
Should a scenario occur in which there are a great many deleted tickets with event timers remaining in the SLA-M Dashboard it is possible to configure your SLA setup to run a background service that will regularly check and remove any events for deleted tickets.

However, the presence of large numbers of deleted tickets with running SLA event timers is usually an indication that SLA shouldn't have been applied to these categories of ticket and possibly that the ticket shouldn't have been created in your Zendesk account.

For this reason the configuration of your Zendesk to run the background service will only be set following a formal request made to Coherence Design.
Upon receipt of this request we will be able to provide advice on how best to prevent or reduce the number of deleted tickets with running SLA event timers.

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