Introduction to the SLA Assistant

SLA Assistant is a Sidebar APP provided as part of the CloudSET SLA Management & Reporting Module, to monitor the progress and status of SLA's specified for a ticket.


If not already visible, the SLA Assistant (2) can be displayed in your ticket forms by selecting the Zendesk Apps button (1) to open the Sidebar Apps panel.

Why isn't the SLA Assistant Displayed against my Tickets?

If the SLA Assistant isn't displayed in the ticket form for one or more of your tickets then this could be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The SLA Assistant will only appear against tickets that have been placed under SLA (see Apply SLA Management to your Tickets).
  2. The SLA3 ticket fields holding the information displayed by the SLA Assistant aren't present in the current ticket form (see Making the SLA Information Available in Ticket Forms)



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