Creating and Maintaining Non-Working Days - (Holidays Tab) (SLA4)

The following are instructions for the use of the Holidays tab to create and maintain the non-working days specifications involved in your solution.

If required, please see the article named Define Non-Working Days for an explanation of when and why to configure non-working days, including examples.

Rename or Add Holidays


Using the Holidays tab it is possible to rename Holiday sets, or Add new sets of Holidays.

Rename an Existing Public Holidays set

The name of each Holidays set is referenced within drop-downs for selection in SLA Policies and Regions.

To change a name, choose the corresponding Holidays set from the drop-down list (4) and select the Rename button (5).

Add a new Public Holidays set

A new Public Holidays set can be introduced to your SLA Management solution by selecting the Add button (6).

This will create a new Public Holidays set that can be selected within the drop-downs for SLA Policies and Regions, with default or empty values in all configuration settings.

If no longer required an existing Holidays set can deleted (7).

Define a Public Holiday or other Non Working Day


It will often be the case that for one or more of your contractual SLA agreements cover will not be provided during one or more public holidays or other specific non-working days.

*Note: this does not include regular weekdays (e.g. no cover on Mondays) or weekend days (e.g. no cover on Saturdays and/or Sundays) since these are defined using the Business Hours tab.

Define Public Holidays or Non-Working Days in the Calendar

Select the corresponding date using the calendar (1) and Add (2) each public holiday or non-working day to the list associated with the Holidays set (3).

For SLA Policies and Regions that select this Holidays set, the due date/time calculation for event completion will assume that agents will not be available to work on tickets on these dates.

For example:

If the SLA for an initial response is 1 hr, and working hours are specified as Monday to Thursday 9am thru 5pm, but Fri 4th July is defined as a non-working day

  • If a ticket arrives at 4:30pm on Thursday 3rd July the due date/time for an initial response will be 9:30am Monday 7th July
  • If a ticket arrives at any time Fri 4th July the due date/time for an initial response will be 10:00am Monday 7th July

Remove a Public Holiday or other Non Working Day


Once the date has passed or an invalid entry has been made it is possible to delete a public holiday or non-working day by checking the corresponding box (1) and selecting the Delete button (2).

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