Introduction to SLA Management Facts, Attributes and Metrics

As part of the integration between Zendesk and GoodData values in custom fields and tags held against tickets are imported into facts and attributes from where they can be utilized within metrics.

The following sections of this chapter provide an overview of the facts and tags generated by the CloudSET SLA Management solution and how they should be used within metrics to provide statistics and calculations for use in reports and dashboards that communicate valuable information about the performance of your customer service desk.

The following lessons in this chapter provide an overview of the availability and use of facts and attributes provided for use as part of the CloudSET SLA Management solution and the metrics required to build an example dashboard based on the SLA performance of Initial Response and Regular Follow-up (Update) events.

The subsequent chapter named SLA Management Dashboards and Reports provides instructions on the use of these metrics in reports and the development of an example dashboard to report on the performance of your SLA's.

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