Measuring Time for a Custom Ticket Status

If use has been made of the CloudSET Custom Status App to replace the system ticket status, then the time spent in each of the custom states is measured and these values are displayed in the SLA Assistant.


Once your Zendesk has been configured the custom states are displayed in the SLA Assistant in place of the system ticket states along with a measurement of the total time spent in each state (1).

The color used in the bar line is based on the Zendesk color used to indicate the system state mapped to the custom state using the CloudSET Custom Status App.

Deploy and Configure the CloudSET Custom Status App


In order to replace the list of custom states to be measured it is first necessary to deploy, install and configure the CloudSET Custom Status App (2) provided as part of the CloudSET Advanced Apps pack.

Full instructions describing how to deploy, install and configure this App cab be found in the CloudSET online documentation: Custom Status (App, Widget)

Configure your CloudSET SLA Management setup to use SLA Event Time measurement


Having configured your CloudSET Custom Status App it is now possible to switch on SLA Event Time Measurement to start measuring the time spent within each of your custom states (5).

Instructions describing the full procedure involved to switch on event time management can be found in the following article: Configuring the use of SLA Event Time Measurement

*Important Note: If this feature has previously been switched on using the system ticket Status or if your custom ticket Status has been updated it will be necessary to temporarily switch off SLA Event TIme Measurement (see Switching off SLA Event Time Measurement) and then switch the feature back on in order to regenerate the ticket field values and triggers with the latest custom ticket field state changes (see Configuring the use of SLA Event Time Measurement).

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