Follow-up SLA Performance Summary


The SLA Performance in Current Period dashboard provides a more detailed summary of performance against the SLA for updates (follow-ups) within the current week, current month or current quarter.

SLA Follow-up Performance by This/Previous Week/Month/Quarter


The six reports on this dashboard show the total number of passes and the total number of violations of the SLA in place for updates (follow-ups) broken down by tickets under each SLA plan.

These sets of totals are then grouped by current and previous period using 6 reports named SLA Follow-up Performance this Week, SLA Follow-up Performance this Month, SLA Follow-up Performance this Quarter, SLA Follow-up Performance previous Week, SLA Follow-up Performance previous Month and SLA Follow-up Performance previous Quarter.

All of there reports make use of the metrics named Total Update Passes, Total Update Violations and % Updated within SLA.

*Note: the background color for the cells in the % Updated within SLA Column is set as follows:

  • Greater than 95% displays a green background
  • Between 70% and 95% displays an amber background
  • Less than 70% displays a red background

Each report is filtered accordingly using the Date Created ticket field imported from Zendesk.

*Note: it is important to select the "/Year" variant of the filter otherwise the filter will return tickets created in the corresponding week, month or quarter for all years for which data exists in GoodData, rather than only those created during the current period.

*Also Note: an additional filter has been included to remove any SLA plans used for testing, but these can be removed if required.

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