Working in Destination Board (Ticket Next Events)

Working in Destination Board (Ticket Next Events)


If the Tickets (Next Events) filter (2) is selected while using the Performset Dashboard in Events mode (1), the destination board will switch operating modes to show only one event per ticket.

All events other than the event with a running timer due to finish before all others associated with the ticket will be hidden (3).

*Note: if there are any overdue events for a ticket then the vent that has been overdue for the longest period will be displayed in the late column (4) rather than the event that is next due to complete.

The title of the destination board will change to indicate working in ticket mode (5).

Working in this mode provides a ticket centric mechanism for the management of events or tasks similar to that offered when working in the traditional tabular based Tickets mode, but using the column based view provided by Events mode; thus offering a mixture of benefits from both.

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