Workflow Current Activity

Every running workflow has the concept of a current activity. It's details occupy the central portion the workflow assistant

Visualisation in the Workflow Assistant

highlighted in yellow


The current activity is comprised of :

  1. The name, description and overall completion status of the current activity
  2. A collapsible tongue containing its completion criteria
  3. One or more conditions required to complete the activity
  4. A button to show or hide only those ticket fields relevant to its completion conditions
  5. A completion status for each condition
  6. One or more checklist items that must be completed against the current activity


Name and Description

The name of the current activity is shown in bold on a grey background. If a description has been defined this is available as a tool tip by hovering over the activity name 



Activity Completion Status

In order for an activity to be considered complete

  • the state of the ticket field values must satisfy all its data quality completion conditions
  • and all checklist items must be checked

Often an activity will have more than one completion condition and/or checklist item. They must all be satisfied for the activity to be considered complete.

A colored tab to the left of the activity name immediately whether the activity is complete. 


Incomplete - Grey Tab

A grey tab indicates that the activity is incomplete :


Complete - Green Tab

A green tab indicates that the activity is complete :


Note that the next activities only become available for selection, once the current activity is complete


Activity Completion Criteria

An activity may have zero or more checklist items and zero of more data quality completion conditions. If an activity has neither of these, it is immediately complete.

Checklist Items

Checklist items are the simplest of the activity's completion criteria. They usually represent some task whose result is not necessarily being captured as a piece of ticket information. Possibly a verbal check like consulting with a colleague/supervisor, or a task external to the Zendesk environment

The name of the checklist item indicates what is required. They can often take the form of a simple question.

Once complete the agent simply checks the list item to indicate that the task has been done. All checklist items must be completed before the activity can be considered complete

Here, an activity with just checklist items still requires one to be completed :




Data Quality Items (Completion Conditions)

Data quality items are satisfied by completion conditions that reference required ticket field values. Conditions can be simple or complex using combinations of boolean logic and value comparison operators.

Each primitive condition usually references a ticket field and might for example require it to be non empty or have a specific value. But the condition expression language is rich and allows for very complex conditions if necessary.

Data quality conditions have a name that is displayed in the current activity tongue, and a completion status indicator, check-mark-dep.png 

If the condition is complex its structure can be viewed by clicking chevrons to the right of the name to expand its structure.

Show / Unmask Fields Button

A button, in the top right of the current activity tongue, can be used to focus in on the fields of interest involved in the completion conditions for the activity.


Here is an example usage : 

1) The agent is about to press Show Fields to assist in completing the activity



2) The agent has clicked the Show Fields Button



3 The agent has supplied the appropriate ticket field values



4) The agent has pressed the "Unmask Fields" button


Be aware that the workflow assistant may automatically unmask fields as a result of performing other actions, such as selecting an onward activity



Accelerators can fill out particular combination of completion values so that a condition may immediately become satisfied after an accelerator is applied. See Workflow Applying Accelerators


Collapsible Activity Tongue

The chevron to the right of the current activity name can be used to expand or collapse the tongue detailing its completion requirements. On entering an activity, the workflow assistant will automatically expand the tongue if the current activity is incomplete, on the basis that this should be the agent's next focus of attention.






 Be aware that the workflow assistant may automatically collapse the tongue as a result of performing other actions, such as selecting an onward activity


Persisting Changes

At any time the Zendesk submit button may be pressed as normal to persist changes to field values, comments etc.

When pressing submit the workflow assistant may briefly enter a busy state whilst the Flowset specific information, such as checklist item states, are recorded.

Behind the Scenes

The calculations required to update the state of Flowset specific information, such as check list items, are performed on our Cloudset servers. When the ticket is submitted all the usual Zendesk field and comment updates are applied at that point, but a subsequent trigger notifies our server that Flowset updates are also required. The persisted state of the workflow for this ticket is updated. Finally a message is sent to the Workflow Assistant to query the latest state of the workflow and to redisplay itself.




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