Workflow Assistant Overview

Helps an agent to process tickets accurately and efficiently.

The workflow assistant is a ticket sidebar app that guides an agent through a predefined sequence of activities designed to process a ticket in the most accurate and efficient manner possible. The emphasis is on guidance rather than control.

The assistant gives a contextual overview, showing where the agent is in the overall process.


It presents :

  1. The name of the workflow running on the ticket
  2. An optional description of the workflow
  3. The name and completion status of the current activity within the workflow
  4. One or more conditions required to complete the activity
  5. A button to show or hide only those ticket fields relevant to the completion conditions
  6. The completion status of the condition
  7. One or more checklist items that must be completed against the current activity
  8. One or more following activities that become available once the current activity is complete
  9. Access to live context sensitive diagrams showing the current activity within the workflow diagram, plus optional documentation for the overall workflow and the current activity

Generally the user still interacts with the Zendesk Agent Interface in the normal manner, with the assistant reacting to changes that are being applied.

A typical workflow will start on an activity and require the agent to interact with the ticket, completing fields and check list items, to satisfy it's completion conditions. At this point the assistant will present one or more following activities that the agent can select to progress the workflow. The next activity is carried out in a similar manner and, once complete, a new list of onward activities are presented for selection. This process repeats until a finish transition is chosen that completes the workflow.

The transitions to the next activities are not available until all the completion conditions and check list items for the current activity are complete. Transitions to onward activities can also have their own conditions, so their availability may change depending on the current state of field values on the ticket.  It is perfectly possible for an onward transition to loop back to a previously encountered activity in the same workflow.

At any point the agent can access context sensitive documentation for the current workflow and activity, including dynamic diagrams that show the precise position of the current activity in the graphical workflow definition, including any levels of decomposition.


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