WaaS - Widgets as a Service

You can use WaaS for Cloudset functionality from any website.

Using WaaS


Cloudset WaaS (Widgets as a Service) allows Cloudset functionality to be available from any website, not just Zendesk.  For example, you can add a pop-up form to your company website to allow visitors to ask questions, make inquiries, or raise a ticket. 

The pop-up form can use Formset rules to control its behavior as though it were a Zendesk form.


Zendesk provides Brands as a method of using a single Zendesk account to host several end-user interfaces with different brandings. 

Each brand has a different URL used as the base address for that brand. 

In order that Cloudset Framework Apps can process WaaS requests originating from any of these brands, it needs to know about the brands. 

To change brands in Zendesk, click the Update Brands button at the right-hand side of the screen so that the Cloudset Framework recognizes requests originating from any of these modified brands.



Cloudset Framework WaaS caches details about ticket fields, roles, groups etc.  This is done in order to improve performance when the WaaS code is running. 

If you make changes to some of these items (e.g. add a ticket field), it is possible that the WaaS code will continue to use its cached information and be unaware of the new field. 

Click the Flush Cache button at the right-hand side of the screen to tell the WaaS code to forget the cached details and look them up again from Zendesk.



The Cloudset WaaS

This panel (see the screenshot above) shows each WaaS available to you.  From here you can control how the WaaS is made available and also configure settings specific to each WaaS.

Deployment Type

You can choose how each WaaS will be deployed from the drop-down list.


The available choices are:

  • Deactivated - This WaaS will not be deployed.
  • Help Center Only - This WaaS will be deployed onto the Zendesk end-user interface.
  • External Web Site - This WaaS will be deployed onto an external (not Zendesk) website.
  • Both Help Center and External - This WaaS will be deployed onto the Zendesk end-user interface and an external website.


  • To deploy the WaaS onto the end-user interface, you need to ensure that the is deployed to the end-user interface theme.
  • To deploy the WaaS to an external web site, you need to copy a Code Snippet into this web site to enable the WaaS.

Instructions will be given on how to achieve the chosen deployment method.


This field shows links specific to each WaaS allowing WaaS specific actions to be performed.  For example, the Ticket Form WaaS provides a configure action which can be used to customize the look and feel of the ticket form WaaS.


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