Immediate Starts (for Advanced)

  • Workflows can be configured to run their first activity before a ticket has been submitted
  • Such workflows are known as "Immediate Starts"
  • An agent can fill out the activity's fields and select an onward transition all before creating the ticket
  • Immediate Starts can also run on existing tickets whilst no other workflow is active
  • Certain workflow features are not allowed for Immediate Starts


It is often important to capture initial information from a customer before creating a ticket. It is also beneficial to use a workflow to guide an agent through this information gathering process; for example it can prompt the agent to ask appropriate questions. The information gathering process is usually iterative and the agent may decide a different workflow is required as more detail is revealed.

An Immediate Starts workflow addresses these needs by giving agents :

  1. the ability to capture relevant information quickly and early
  2. the flexibility for them to change their mind whilst doing so


Configuring Immediate Starts

Immediate Starts are configured using a toggle switch on the Workflow Diagram Property Panel. It is only available for top level workflows.


  1. Double click the top level workflow diagram shape
  2. Toggle the Immediate start switch on or off

Feature Restrictions

The following features, normally available for Advanced Models, are not allowed for Immediate Starts

  • No preconditions on first activity
  • No field initializations on first activity
  • No group assignments on the first activity
  • No accelerators on the first activity
  • Cannot also be a Dynamic Process Workflow

Selecting Immediate Starts

An Immediate Start Workflow is available for selection in the Workflow Assistant, like any other workflow, as long as the current ticket field values satisfy its start conditions.

In the following screenshots, "Onboarding" has been configured to be an Immediate Start

Selecting the workflow


  1. Select the workflow from the list

Completing the First Activity

After selection the Workflow Assistant displays its first activity for completion. The agent cannot now select another workflow unless they cancel this workflow first. See Cancelling a Workflow


  1. If this is a new ticket you must provide a subject and a description *
  2. Fill out task fields in the activity
  3. Optionally select a transition too if one becomes available
  4. Press Submit at any time to create the ticket and assign the workflow.
    • if a transition is selected the Workflow Assistant will show the next activity after submission
    • if no transition is selected the Workflow Assistant will continue to show the first activity after submission (preserving any of task field values up to that point)

* Some workflows may fill out the ticket subject and/or description with template values


Cancelling and Selecting another Workflow

At any point it is possible to cancel an Immediate Start workflow. After cancelling an Immediate Start the agent will once again be presented with workflow selection list

An agent must cancel an existing Immediate Start, if they wish to select another workflow. For convenience, any task field values entered so far against cancelled workflows are remembered until such time as a workflow is actually assigned to the ticket at submission.

If the agent wishes to cancel the workflow and start again with empty field values they can refresh the app or page which will return them to the workflow selection list. Note however that this will also clear any recorded field values for other partially completed Immediate Starts.

Cancelling An Immediate Start


  1. Press the Cancel Workflow Button



  1. Select an alternative workflow


Violating Start Conditions

An Immediate Start workflow can be given start conditions; it will only appear in the workflow selection list if the current ticket field values satisfy these conditions.

Once an immediate start is chosen, any change to ticket fields that violate its start condition will prevent the agent from progressing the workflow any further. A warning message will appear and the Workflow Assistant panel will become disabled. At this point the agent has two options :

  1. Cancel the workflow and return to the workflow selection list
  2. Restore the ticket field value so that the start conditions are satisfied again;

If the agent restores the ticket field value, the workflow assistant is enabled again and the agent can continue from where they left off.




Here the "Onboarding" workflow is an immediate start that has been given a start condition which requires the ticket type to be a Task



Setting the ticket Type to Task allows the "Onboarding" workflow to appear in the workflow selection list.




Whilst the ticket field values satisfy the start conditions for "Onboarding" the agent can proceed with completing the first activity




But if the start conditions are subsequently broken by changing the Type field, the Workflow Assistant becomes disabled. Changing the Type back to "Task" would restore the Workflow Assistant to the state shown in the previous image. Cancelling the workflow would return the agent to the workflow selection list.


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