Using Placeholders in Warning and Violation Notifications




  • Click on Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Configure tab (2).
  • Select the Events page (3).
  • To bring up Event Details, click on the small icon (4) as shown.



  • Event Details are now showing (5).
  • Click on the Add Message button (6).



  • Event details will be shown (7).
  • Click in the Recipient field and select the appropriate Recipient from the drop-down list (8).


Using the Performset configuration tool, it is possible to specify one or more notifications to be sent out when there is a warning of an impending breach or when the target for completion of an event is missed, violating the SLA.

For each of these notifications it is possible to specify a list of recipients (Agents and Groups), the subject and message body to be used in the email and the conditions under which each notification should be sent.

It is also possible to make use of placeholders in the subject and message body to reference specific attributes of the ticket.

The list of available placeholders is restricted to those that are considered relevant to help the recipient understand the urgency with which they should take action and so does not include a full list of system and custom ticket fields.


List of Available Placeholders

The following is a list of all available placeholders for use in warniong and violation notification subjects and messages:

  • {{sla.event.label}} // the name of the event against which the warning or violation has occurred
  • {{}} // the id of the ticket
  • #{{}} // when prefixed by '#', the ticket id is included as a URL link to the ticket in Zendesk
  • {{ticket.title}} // the subject for the ticket
  • {{}} // the name of the group assigned to the ticket
  • {{}} // the name of the agent assigned to the ticket
  • {{}} // the name of the organization associated with the ticket
  • {{}} // the name of the ticket requester
  • {{ticket.type}} // the Zendesk system ticket type
  • {{sla.priority}} // the value of the priority dimension assigned to the ticket, either
      • Custom priority value if in use for the associated Policy, or
      • Zendesk system ticket priority
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