Using Warning and Violation Post Hooks


Locating Warning and Violation Post Hooks

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  • Click on the Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Configure tab (2).
  • Select the Events page (3).

Performset provides an option to configure alternative conditional notifications to a specified list of agents or groups belonging to your Zendesk account and the use of this feature is described in an alternative article (Configuring Warning and Violation Notifications).

However, there might also be a need to perform other actions if and when a warning timer fires or violation occurs, such as the escalation and reassignment of the ticket to another group, or the sending of a notification to a recipient that isn't and agent in your Zendesk.

These actions must be achieved through the introduction of your own Zendesk triggers, but your Performset setup must be configured to generate a ticket update for use in the trigger conditions when a warning or violation occurs.


Configuring your Setup to Use Warning and Violation Post Hooks

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  • Click on the small icon (1) to display Event Details (2).
  • To create a new Event Detail, click on Add Message (3).

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  • Event Details will be displayed (3).
  • The use of Post Hooks for an event is indicated here (4).

If your setup hasn't already been configured to make use of warning and violation post hooks it will be necessary to submit a request to the Cloudset support team to make the necessary arrangements (

Once your setup has been configured, it will be possible to make use of the post hooks in your Zendesk triggers as described in the sections below.


Using the Warning and Violation Post Hooks in your Zendesk Triggers

The post hooks are intended for use within your Zendesk Triggers to identify when a warning or violation has occurred for an event, so the necessary action can be taken to avoid an impending breach, or escalate once a breach has occurred.


Post Hook Ticket Fields

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  • Click on the Settings icon (1).
  • Click on Ticket Fields from the list (2).
  • Make sure the Active tab is selected (3).
  • A MarkPost ticket field is generated for each event configured for Post Hooks (5)


For each event that has been configured to use 'Post Hooks', a ticket 'MarkPost' ticket field is generated in your Zendesk account.


Post Hook Option Values

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  • Select one of the MarkPost fields (1). Click on the three dots (2), and select Edit (3).
  • A new window opens (4).
  • Each MarkPost field will have an option value to indicate if the warning timer has fired, or if a violation has occurred (5).

Each of these 'MarkPost' fields includes an option value that is set by the Performset service if and when the warning timer fires for the associated event, or if and when a violation has occurred for the event.


Post Hook Triggers

06. Warning-Violation-Post-Hooks.png

  • To create a new trigger, go to Zendesk Admin Center (1).
  • In Admin Center, click the Objects and rules icon (2) in the sidebar.
  • Select Business rules - Triggers (3).
  • Add New Trigger window opens. Enter an appropriate Trigger Name (4).
  • Set a condition to check if a warning or violation has occurred (5).

07. Warning-Violation-Post-Hooks.png

  • Take the necessary actions by selecting those appropriate from the drop-down lists (6).
  • Key in a message that will get sent.
  • Select available placeholders from the drop-down list (8). Copy the required one (9) and paste into the Message field (7).
  • Remember to reset the post hook field to avoid repeating the actions each time the ticket is updated 10).
  • Press the Create button (11).

The value of the MarkPost' field can be used in a trigger condition to identify when a warning or violation has occurred for an event.

This allows for standard Zendesk actions to be taken, for example, using the Zendesk Email Target extension to send a message to an external email address.

See the following Zendesk article for full details on the use of external targets: Notifying external targets

**NOTE** It is important to reset the value of the 'MarkPost' ticket field to avoid the trigger firing again each time the ticket is updated.

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