Mandatory Fields

Define ticket fields as Mandatory when made visible by configuration rules

Formset enables ticket fields to be made mandatory when they are made visible by configuration rules.  This can be defined at 2 levels

  1. Globally mandatory - If the field is visible, it should have a value
  2. Rule based mandatory - If the field is visible and was made visible due to a specific rule then it should be mandatory

Accessing the Formset Screen:


To manage rule groups and rules, click on Formset icon (1). The Configuration will default to Formset (2) - Tickets (3) - Configuration (4).


Globally Mandatory

Use global mandatory when you wish a controlled ticket fields to be mandatory whenever it is visible on the ticket form.  To access global mandatory settings, select the Mandatory tab from the ticket rule configuration screen

Formset Global Mandatory.png

All controllable fields will be listed.  Click on the icon on the left and choose the appropriate option for that field.

  • Not Mandatory - The field does not need to have a value
  • Mandatory - The field must have a value in order to submit the ticket. 
  • Mandatory on Solve - The field must have a value in order to submit the ticket with a status of Solved.

Formset Mand in rule.png

If a field is already mandatory due to a rule, it will indicate that it is under Rule Specific Control (1) and will display the name of the Rule (or Rules) that control it (2).  Click the name to switch to the Configuration tab and display details of the Rule.  If you want to make such a field be Globally mandatory, you will need to edit the rules that currently control it to remove rule based control and then make it globally mandatory.

Rule Based Mandatory

You may wish to make a controlled field be mandatory, but only under certain circumstances.  For example, the Version field may only be mandatory if the Operating System field is set to 'Windows'.

Select the rule whose driving field condition needs to be satisfied and then click the asterisk icon for the controlled fields you want to make mandatory when that rule applies.

Formset Mandatory Rule.png

If this rule is satisfied (i.e. Operating System is Windows), then the Version field will be displayed and it will need to be given a value.

Formset Not Mand Rule.png

Here is a complementary rule that says if the Operating System is set to anything other than Windows, then the Version field should be shown, but is not mandatory.

If a field has already been made Globally Mandatory, the asterisk icon will already be displayed and clicking the icon will not show a menu.  A tooltip will show that it is globally mandatory.

Formset Mandatory tooltip.png

Formset only applies mandatory checks to visible fields when the ticket is submitted. 

You can specify any field type except a checkbox to be Mandatory.  Checkbox fields always have a value (on or off).


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