Mandatory Fields

Define fields as Mandatory when made visible by a configuration rule

Mandatory status is a global setting on a field, not a per rule configuration.


Accessing the Formset Screen:


To manage rule groups and rules, click on Formset icon (1). The Configuration will default to Formset (2) - Tickets (3) - Configuration (4).


Changing Mandatory Fields


1. In the Fields controlled by selected rule (1) area, click on the Mandatory Fields icon (2).

2. Select Rule Specific Mandatory Setting from the drop-down list (3).


This can be defined to work in one of two different ways:

  • Mandatory - The field must have a value in order to submit the ticket. 
  • Mandatory on Solve - The field must have a value in order to submit the ticket with a status of Solved.

Zendesk allows you to define custom fields to be Required which is a similar concept. 

Conditionality only applies mandatory checks to visible fields when the ticket is submitted. 


  • If you have a Version field which is controlled and will appear when the Product Type field is set to Software, you can set Version to be Mandatory.
  • This will only need to be given a value if it is visible (i.e. when Product Type is set to Software). 
  • If the field is not visible, then you do not have to supply a value for it.

You can specify any field type except a checkbox to be Mandatory.  Checkbox fields always have a value (on or off).

NOTE:  Mandatory field definitions are not specific to a Conditionality rule.  They are global and hence can be edited from any selected rule.

Mandatory Fields

To define a field as Mandatory:

  1. Locate the field in the list of Controlled Fields
  2. Click the asterisk icon to the right side of the field placeholder.  This will pop up a menu.

    3. Select the required option as follows: 

  • Not Mandatory - This field is optional.
  • Mandatory - When the ticket is submitted, this field must be given a value if it is visible.
  • Mandatory on Solve - When the ticket is submitted as Solved, this field must be given a value if it is visible.


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