Creating Rule Groups & Rules

Formset rules are organized into Rule Groups

They have no functional relevance other than to help collate and manage conditionality rules. Rule Groups can be collapsed and exposed to enable better focus while configuring.


Overview of Groups and Rules:


To manage rule groups and rules, click on Formset icon (1). The Configuration will default to Formset (2) - Tickets (3) - Configuration (4).

Group names in can be rearranged in alphabetical order by clicking the Sort rules by name icon (5).

Add new rule group (6).

Rule groups: Expanded to show rules (7) and collapsed to hide rules (9).

Example of rules displayed in a rule group (8)


To create a new group:


1. Click the [+] icon (1). This will add a new group at the bottom of the list called "New Group" (2)

2. Click on the group name and change it to something more meaningful (3).

3. Click on the [+] icon to add rules to your new group (4).


Rule groups can be deleted by clicking on the Remove group icon [-] (5).
Rules can be reordered alphabetically by clicking on the Sort rules by name icon [sort-icon.png]  (6).


To delete a group:


1. Click the [-] icon at the right hand end of the group (1). A confirmation message appears (2).

2. Click the Delete button to proceed (3). The group and its rules is deleted.


To hide/show the rules in a group:


1. Click the up arrow icon (1). The arrow changes into a down arrow (2) and the rules are hidden.

2. Click the down arrow icon at the left side of the group name. The arrow changes into an up arrow (3) and the rules are shown.


Formset Rules define the fields and/or field values displayed

The naming of the rules is completely arbitrary. Their position is not relevant in the grouped lists. Choose names that describe the desired action for your rule, the cause of the rule, or both.  

To create rules in a group


1. Locate the group in which you want to create a new rule. 

2. Click the black [+] icon (1). A new rule named 'New Mapping Rule' will be added at the end of the group (2)

3. Click the name to change it to something more meaningful (3).


To delete a rule:


1. Select the rule for deletion. Click the [-] icon at the right side of the rule name (1). The rule is removed.


Rules can be reordered within a group or moved between groups by dragging and dropping them.
Rules can be reordered in alphabetical order by clicking on the Sort rules by name icon [sort-icon.png].


To clone or copy rules in a group:


If there is a need to create one or more rules with a large number fields involved that share many of the same conditions, it might be more efficient to clone or copy an existing rule and then make the required adjustments to the new copy.

1. Click on the Clone rule icon (1) to create an exact copy of an existing role (2).

2. A new copy is created immediately below the original (3). Both the Driving and Controlled Fields are duplicated (4).


*Note: instructions concerning the definition of rules are covered in the following articles:


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