AND/OR Driving Selections

Combining Driving Fields to implement more sophisticated Rules

The driving field types include AND/OR options.

The OR option is explicitly supported within the driving field types. It displays only after two or more driving fields are configured. When selected it will focus away and back to the rule to show the selection buttons.


Accessing the Formset screen:


To manage rule groups and rules, click on Formset icon (1). The Configuration will default to Formset (2) - Tickets (3) - Configuration (4).


AND/OR Driving Selections


The conditions under which rules apply are based on the value of a field or a collection of fields. 

When the condition is based on multiple field values, you can specify whether:

  • all the field values need to be satisfied (a logical AND).


  • whether any of the field values need to be satisfied (a logical OR).

For example:

1. You can define a rule to show the 'OS version' field when product type is software and component is OS (AND). 

2. You can define a rule to show 'OS version' when product type is software or component is OS (OR). 

When you select a rule that has a multiple field condition, the driving fields are separated by AND and OR buttons. 

  • By default the AND button is selected. 
  • Click the OR button to change the condition to be a logical OR of the selected field values.

NOTE:  It is not possible to have combinations of AND and OR in one driving condition.

KNOWN ISSUE: The AND/OR display is only visible when navigating to the rule. When creating the rule, the display does not display the AND/OR button when you select one or more additional driving fields. The workaround is to navigate away from the rule and back to it.

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