Help Center Setup

This section explains how to enable Cloudset apps to run on Help Center pages.

Help Center Configuration Panel

To access the Help Center Panel, click the link at the bottom of the left sidebar, in the Cloudset app


Code Snippet

To enable Cloudset apps to run on Help Center pages, it is necessary to insert a Code Snippet into your Help Center Custom Theme.

1. Click the Help Center Code Snippet button at the top right-hand corner of the page. 


2. Follow the instructions to install the snippet into your Help Center Theme :


3. Click OK to dismiss the instructions.

4. Use the controls described below to activate or deactivate the Cloudset app within the Help Center.


If you have defined Brands or Host Mappings for use with your Help Center, Cloudset needs to know about these.

Click the Update Brands button at the right-hand side of the screen to enable the Cloudset Framework to record these details.



To aid performance, Cloudset Help Center Apps cache details about ticket fields, roles, groups etc.

If you have modified any of your Zendesk definitions and these are not reflected in the Cloudset Help Center Apps, you should flush this cache to allow the apps to see the latest definitions.

Click the Flush Cache button at the right-hand side of the screen to flush the cache.


Cloudset Apps

You can activate and deactivate the apps in the Help Center using the controls in the Actions column, rather than the native Zendesk Apps Management.

Deactivating apps here only affects Help Center, so you can still use the configuration tools and apps in the Zendesk agent interface.

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