Formset Fields Warnings

This section describes the consistency checks performed on your data and any warnings which may arise:


Accessing the Formset screen:


To manage rule groups and rules, click on Formset icon (1). The Configuration will default to Formset (2) - Tickets (3) - Configuration (4).


Missing or Hidden Fields

The Formset Configuration App, loads your configuration data and then performs a number of checks to make sure it is consistent. 

There are two main checks which are performed:

  1. Are there any fields or field option values in any rules (Driving or Controlled) that cannot be found in the Zendesk ticket field definitions?
  2. Are there any fields in any rules (Driving or Controlled) that are being hidden by the Cloudset Systemset App?

The first situation can happen in a number of ways:

  • A custom field has been deleted or deactivated.
  • A custom field value has been removed or it's underlying tag value has been modified.

The second situation can happen when you configure the Systemset App to hide a field that is involved in a conditionality rule.  At the point when you save the Systemset configuration, you will be warned that the field is being used by conditionality but has chosen to save the configuration anyway.

If inconsistencies are found in the configuration data, a warning dialog is displayed when the configuration data is loaded. 

Additionally, the interface will highlight the location of the inconsistencies.

The buttons at the top will be bordered in red for each configuration page on which inconsistent rules have been found.


Rules and the offending Driving or Controlled fields and field values will be highlighted in red to show where the problems lie.

Remedial Action

There are two ways to resolve these configuration issues:

  1. For fields hidden by the Tailoring App, reconfigure Systemset so that these fields are not hidden.
  2. For fields that have been deactivated in Zendesk, reactivate them.

You can now save your configuration settings. 

You will be warned that any references to missing or hidden fields and values will be removed from the configuration data.  This means that for Driving conditions, the part of the condition based on the missing field or value will be removed from the rule.  For Controlled fields or values, the field or value will no longer be controlled by the rule.

If a field or value has been deleted in error, you will need to recreate it and edit the configuration rules to refer to the new field or field value.  The Configuration Tool cannot do this automatically because the new field or value will have a different identity to the one deleted.

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