Cloudset Account

This section describes the ways in which the app makes use of your underlying Zendesk account.


1. Click on Formset icon (1).

2. Click on Zendesk(s) button(2). Any problems, email address is displayed (3)


The Registered User Account explains how the app uses the Zendesk OAuth mechanism to obtain sufficient privileges to operate on Zendesk entities in your account.

You can read more about the Zendesk OAuth mechanism here : Using OAuth authentication with your application.

The Zendesk User account granted this app OAuth access when it was first installed. 

You can see the account details on this screen.

If you want to associate this app with a different OAuth security credential:


  1. Click the Forget Token button at the right-hand side of the screen (1).
  2. Note that once the token is removed, the app will enter a state that requires an Admin user to re-authenticate it before further app services can be accessed.

If you click Forget Token a warning and confirmation request appears (2):


For improved security, Zendesk can be configured to allow access to it only via a restricted set of servers. 

The Cloudset Framework requires access to your Zendesk account to operate correctly. 


  • If you choose to enable Zendesk IP restrictions, you will need to configure the Cloudset Framework to communicate with your Zendesk account via proxies with known IP addresses. 
  • You will need to add these IP addresses to the Zendesk IP address whitelist to enable the Cloudset Framework to continue working with your Zendesk Account.
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