Local Changes Feedback

Configuration Data Changes

Each of the configuration tools for the Cloudset Framework Apps manages the changes to the configuration data locally in memory. 

When you are satisfied with the changes, you can click the Save button in the top right-hand corner of the screen to commit the new configuration data. 

As soon as you make a change to the configuration data, the Save button changes to white text on an orange background.


The tool stores details of app configuration changes in local storage in the browser. 

If you return to the configuration tool having previously made uncommitted changes, these changes will be loaded automatically and the Save button will be coloured orange as above. 

  • Click Save to commit these previously unsaved changes. 
  • Click Cancel to abandon these changes.


  • If you have locally stored uncommitted changes which are older than the currently saved configuration data, you will be warned that your local changes are out of date when you open the configuration tool. 
  • You are advised to Cancel these changes and start editing from the latest committed configuration data.
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