End-User Views

This section describes how to use the End-User views in the Zendesk Help Center/Guide.


You can make changes to the Zendesk End-User interface Help Center/Guide through basic End-User Views in the Systemset Configurator.

To do this click the Views button in the toolbar.


The Help Center/Guide My Activities page shows ticket requests raised by a user and/or their organization(s), but the column layout is fixed.

End-User Views Panel

The Systemset Configurator enables you to define new views for the My Activities page with many different column types to display additional ticket field values.


The left-hand panel (shown above) presents a predefined view for each of the four possible status values of a ticket in the Help Center/Guide:

  • Any
  • Open
  • Awaiting Your Reply
  • Solved

These views are created for you automatically when you first run the Systemset Configurator and they cannot be deleted or renamed. 

They correspond to the four status filters that Zendesk provides on the standard Help Center/Guide My Activities page.

Select one of these views to specify its field columns in the center View Columns panel, and any initial ticket ordering in the right-hand View Details panel.

When you select a view its group name icon changes to a blue tick blue_tick1.jpg.


View Columns Panel

The View Columns panel allows you to select the fields for the ticket data columns that will be displayed in the evaluated end-user view.


Zendesk End-User field visibility rules are respected, so if the field is defined to be hidden for an End-User (in the Zendesk admin Ticket Fields page), it will not appear as a column choice here.

You can select View columns from standard Zendesk fields such as Requester, Organization, Agent, Group as well as textual, numeric and drop-down custom fields.

You can select at most 10 columns for a View. 

When you select a field its icon changes to a purple tick purple_tick.jpg.

The Subject column is always included and cannot be removed. You can change its position relative to the other field columns. 

In the evaluated View, the subject is shown as a link from which to navigate to the actual ticket request.

You can drag and drop the selected field columns up and down. This will change the left to right positioning of the columns in the evaluated view.

View Details Panel

The View Details panel shows the ticket status condition that will be used to filter the tickets in the evaluated view.


Only those tickets whose status matches the defined Filter Condition value will appear. The Filter Condition cannot be changed.

The View Details panel also facilitates an initial ordering to be applied to the request tickets in the evaluated view.


The ordering can only be specified for the Created column or the Last Activity column, and only if one or both of these have been chosen as view column selections.

The ticket order can be specified to be ascending (earliest first) or descending (latest first).

Committing Changes

Click Save save.jpg to commit the View Definitions to the database for use by the Tailoring Help Center/Guide runtime code.

Existing My Activities screens in the Help Center/Guide may need to be refreshed before the latest definitions take effect.



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