Activity Tasks and Task Outcomes (Standard Option Choice)

  • Allow the capture of data during an activity without the need to store against the ticket
  • The data capture or selection is made by the agent using the Workflow Assistant
  • The data captured by these tasks can be used in conditions that control transitions from the activity (Outcomes)
  • Placeholders for each field can be used in Transition Comments generated by the activity
  • Placeholders are also available to make use of field values in the subject and description of Parallel Activities
  • Fields can be conditionally hidden or exposed in the Workflow Assistant based on the value entered or selected in other task fields
  • Multiple field types can be configured to control the type of entry or selection required

Overview of Activity Tasks

During the course of processing your tickets, there is sometimes a need to capture information that is only required for use during the current activity.

This information isn't required for reports or as input to activities later in the workflow, but is required to make decisions about how to proceed once the activity has been completed, or to communicate the reasoning behind decisions and results of investigations to customer or other agents.

In this situation it shouldn't be necessary to capture such information permanently against the ticket, unnecessarily cluttering and complicating the ticket form.

Activity Tasks can be used in an activity to enable the temporary capture of data used by a workflow without the need to hold the fields against the ticket.

These temporary fields are presented in the Workflow Assistant during the activity, ready for entry or selection of data by the agent.


Each task created for an activity involves the setting or selection of a field, depending on the type of field involved.

The values entered of selected will determine when and where the workflow can transition to the next activity.

*NOTE: once the workflow has transitioned to a subsequent activity, these temporary fields are no longer available and the values will be lost, even if returning to the activity later in the workflow.

Creating Activity Tasks



Adding and Editing Activity Tasks

Tasks can be created for an activity by selecting the option to 'Add' them from within the activities properties.




Flowset supports many types of activity task fields

  • Drop Down - Select a single value from a list
  • Multi Select - Select one or more values from a list
  • Yes/No - Yes or No or not set
  • Checkbox - Checked or not checked
  • Text - Single line text field
  • Text Area - Multiline text area
  • Integer - Integer numeric field
  • Decimal - Real number field
  • Currency - Real number field, but with a Currency Symbol
  • Regular Expression - Define a regular expression that the input must match
  • Date - Date field
  • Date Time - Date field plus a time field
  • Value Lookup - Readonly lookup of the value of a field from the ticket
  • Guidance Message - A message to be displayed, plus an optional link to useful web page


Using Task Outcomes to Enable Transitions

Task outcomes can be used to prevent a transition becoming available for selection in the Workflow Assistant unless all of the conditions in the chosen outcome have been reached.


Creating and Utilising Task Outcomes

The task fields can be used to define conditions for alternative outcomes based on the decisions made by the agent to enter or select values in each field.



These outcomes are then available for use in the properties of each transition from the activity.



Using Task Outcomes to Prevent Completion of the Activity

Task outcomes can be used to prevent the completion of the activity.

*Note: this feature should be used to replace the use of Check List Items in previous versions of Flowset

If this option is chosen, selection of the transitions form the activity will be hidden in the Workflow Assistant unless and until all of the conditions in the for at least one outcome have been reached.


Complete the Task Outcome to expose the Transition Options


Configuring an Activity to use Task Outcomes to Prevent Completion



Using Activity Task Fields in Transition Comments

Using placeholders, it is possible to make use of task field values within Transition Comments.


Inserted placeholder.png



See Transition Comments for full details of how to define and use task fields in transition comment.

Using Activity Task Fields in Parallel Activities

If a Parallel Activity immediately follows the current activity via a gateway, the task fields are available for use in the subject and description of the split ticket created by the activity.


Applying a Task field to a Split Ticket Subject



Applying Task Fields to a Split Ticket Description

When creating a split ticket, the description used for the split ticket can be defined on the transition.  Double click the transition (1) and choose the Add or Edit the Split Ticket Description (2).



The comment editor is used to define the description and can make use of Task Fields defined in the preceding Activity.  See Transition Comments for more details.


Conditionally Hiding Activity Task Fields

It is possible to control the visibility of task fields in the Workflow Assistant using conditions to determine if and when a field should be hidden.


Configuring the Conditions to Hide a Task Field




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