Activity Outcomes

Using Activity Outcomes to Enable Transitions

Activity outcomes can be used to control which transitions are available when the current activity is completed.  Outcomes are defined as follows

  • Standard Models - Outcomes are defined by editing Task Outcomes in the Activity properties sheet.  These outcomes will be defined by conditions based on values supplied for the Activity Task fields.
  • Advanced Models - Outcomes are defined in the Task Model that controls the behaviour of the Activity.  The Task Model define multiple paths depending on information supplied by the agent.  Each path through the Task Model can produce a different outcome.

Defining Outcomes

Standard Models

Task outcomes can be used to prevent a transition becoming available for selection in the Workflow Assistant unless all of the conditions in the chosen outcome have been reached.

*NOTE: In Standard Models, Activity Outcomes make use of the Task Outcomes created for an activity (see Activity Tasks and Task Outcomes for for details).


The task fields can be used to define conditions for alternative outcomes based on the decisions made by the agent to enter or select values in each field (see Activity Tasks and Task Outcomes for for details).



Advanced Models

Advanced models use outcomes in the same way as Standard models to control which onward transitions are available when the current Activity is completed.  However, the outcomes are defined in a different way.

Advanced models provide the means to break an activity down into a Task Model.  The Task Model defines the outcomes that the Activity will produce based on the path taken through the model (see Activity Task Modelling for details).


The final transition to the Stop shapes define the outcome that will be produced when the Task Model takes that route.  In the above example, the outcomes are Not Hired, Hired and Delayed.  The path taken through the Task Model will define which outcome will be produced.  This outcome can then be used against the parent activity to define which transitions will be available.

Using Outcomes to control transitions

The outcomes can be used to control which transitions are available from the current activity.


Standard Model



Advanced Model

Double click the transition you wish to associate Outcomes with.  Click the Add or Edit button for Activity Outcome.


The Activity Outcome dialog will show all of the available outcomes that the previous Activity provides.  If you select more than one outcome, the transition will be made available if any of the selected outcomes is satisfied.

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