Performset Release Notes - 4th October 2022

We are pleased to announce the following changes included in the release of our Performset product dated 4th October 2022.

Summary of Release

The following is a high level summary of the features and bugs, but a more detailed outline can be found further down in the article.

Features Included in the Release

  1. Export Performset Configurations

Bugs & Issues Fixed in the Release

  1. Performset Config Timeouts for large queries


Detailed Outline of New Features Included in the Release

The following new and enhanced features are included in this release.

Export Performset Configurations

Description of Feature

For customers that have a large number of SLA Polices and rules it can become difficult to identify the criteria under which each policy will be assigned to a ticket and which combinations of field values are involved.

This being the case we are often asked by customers to explain why or under which circumstances a policy has, has not, or will been assigned to a ticket.

There is also often a need to gain clear insight into the specifications for an event, i.e. how long is allowed to complete an event, for each policy, where a set of business hours is used across all regions, etc.

In order to do so it was necessary to run as a background ad-hoc service to export and pull together the configurations in a spreadsheet form where it is possible to easily identify answers to these questions.

In keeping with the initiatives underway to export the configuration data for our Flowset and Formset products there is a similar need and opportunity to do the same for Performset, giving the customer the ability to answer their own questions and help manage their setup.

A new feature has therefore been introduced that will allow a customer to export each type of Performset configuration setting into a CSV file, that can be converted into a spreadsheets or loaded into alternative reporting or analysis tools of the customers choosing.

Supporting Documentation

Full documentation will be published in due course, but in the interim the following screenshots describe how to use this new feature:

Exporting Performset Rules










Deployment Instructions

The change will be deployed automatically in the background and there is no need for any end user action to start using the feature.


Bugs & Issues Fixed in the Release

The following bugs and issues have been fixed in this release.

Performset Config Timeouts for large queries

Description of Bug

An issue was reported in which timeouts were experienced when the Performset configurator attempts to load a large number of agents in the Zendesk account.

A fix was therefore required to to prevent the timeout occurring under these circumstances.

Supporting Documentation

Investigation of the logs showed that 95% of the time taken to look up the Performset configs was taken looking up the agents. There were simply a lot of them and we have to make many paginated requests to the zendesk API to get them all. There is currently no way to restrict the lookup of agents for the Performset configurator.

We have therefore extended the amount of time allowed to complete the query to prevent the timeout occurring.

This fix does not require user instructions.

Deployment Instructions

The change will be deployed automatically in the background and there is no need for any end user action to take account of the fix.

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