Organising Events into Categories

Filtering Events by Category

*Please Note: This feature is not currently available for general use and must be switched on by Cloudset. If you would like to utilise this feature, please submit a request via our support centre ( and we will make the necessary arrangements.

It is often the case that some of the events measured by your Performset setup are the responsibility of agents belonging to a specific group, or that some should only be made visible for use by admins or agents playing a supervisory role.

It is possible to achieve this by organising your events into categories which can be used to filter out those that aren't of interest to the current agent.

Creating an Event Category

Categories can be created in the Performset Configurator from within the events tab:

  • Once within the Events tab make sure that none of the events are selected so that the 'Event Categories' panel is presented at the bottom of the page
  • Then select the button to add a category

Each category must be configured as follows:

  • Enter a name and description for the category - the name is used to identify the category in the Performset Assistant and associated ticket fields (see below for more details)
  • Then select each of the groups who's assigned agents will be given visibility of the events belonging to the category

Assigning an Event to a Category

Once a category has been configured, it is possible to assign one or more events:

  • Select an event to bring up it's configuration settings
  • Locate the 'Event Categories' panel at the bottom of the page
  • Select one or more categories to be associated with the event

*Please Note: if no categories are associated, the event will always be displayed if it is present within within the Performset Assistant.

Controlling Visibility of Events using Categories

Once the Performset configurations are saved, the categories will take effect in the Performset Assistant as follows:

A List of Categories is Presented for Selection

If more than one event target is present and the events are associated with different categories, the agent is offered a list of categories associated with each of their assigned groups.

The Events are Filtered by Category Selection

When a category is selected, a filter is applied to hide all events that aren't associated with the selected category.

*Please Note: any events present within the Performset Assistant that have not been associated with a category, will always be displayed along with those belonging to the selected category.

Events are Automatically Filtered when a Single Category is in Play

If all applicable events are associated with a single category, the choice of category isn't presented and filtering is applied for the single category.

This will occur under the following circumstances:

  • All of the events present within the Performset Assistant are associated with a single category
  • The current agent belongs to one or more groups that have all been associated with a single event category
  • None of the events present within the Performset Assistant have been associated with a category

Identifying the Next Category Event using Zendesk Views

The Performset service provides information about the next actionable event within each category, for use in Zendesk views.

This data is provided in addition to that already available as part of the Next SLA Breach Extension (see Using the Performset Next SLA Breach Extension).

SLA Next Event Ticket Fields Generated per Category

When the Performset Configuration settings are saved after an event category has been added, a pair of ticket fields is generated for the category.

SLA Next Event Name & Timestamp Fields are Populated 

The SLA Next Event Name & SLA Next Event Timestamp ticket fields for each category, are populated with the name and target for the next actionable event within the associated category.

These fields can be included in Zendesk views to monitor progress and keep your agents informed about which tickets are next in the queue for action, within the categories associated with their groups.

Using the Performset Chrome Extension to Visualise the Next SLA Breach for an event Category

If your agents are using the Chrome Web Browser, it is possible to install an extension that will convert the SLA SLA Next Event Name & SLA Next Event Timestamp ticket fields in a view, into a visual representation in a single column (as described at the end of this article: Using the Performset Next SLA Breach Extension).

Restrictions and Limitations when using the Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension will only support the presence of one pair of SLA Next Event fields per Zendesk view, otherwise the following undesirable consequences will occur:

Duplicate Columns with Unconverted Values

If more than one pair of Next Event fields is included in a view the field names are converted into a single column per pair (both labelled “Next SLA Breach”), but only the first pair of field values are converted into a pill (all other field values remain in the view unconverted)

Incorrect Paring of Name and Timestamp

It is possible to include the name field from one category and the timestamp form a different category and these are merged together to form the tooltip behind the pill, resulting in misleading and incorrect information.

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