Workflow Current Activity (Advanced Model)

Flowset supports two different types of Workflow Model

  1. Standard Models - activity level behaviour
  2. Advanced models - Activities are broken down into Task models

This article describes the behaviour with Advanced Model workflows.  Details of Standard models can be found in Workflow Current Activity (Standard Model)

Visualisation in the Workflow Assistant

WCAA Assistant.png

The current activity is comprised of :

The name, description and overall completion status of the current activity (1).

A collapsible section containing any activity task fields (2).

Activity task fields that the agent should fill in (3).  These activity task fields will have been configured so that as the agent fills in values, further fields will be displayed to capture further information.  You may need to scroll down to see them.  When these task fields have been filled in satisfactorily the current activity status will be complete and onward transitions will be displayed.

Activity Completion Status

In order for an activity to be considered complete the activity task fields should be filled in such that the Task model is able to complete and produce an outcome.  Depending on how the task model is configured, there could be several combinations of task field values that will result in the activity being completed.

A coloured tab to the left of the activity name shows whether the activity is complete. 

Incomplete - Grey Tab

A grey tab indicates that the activity is incomplete :

WCAA Incomplete.png

In this case, the task fields have not been completed such that the Task Model produces and outcome.

Complete - Green Tab

A green tab indicates that the activity is complete :

WCAA Complete.png

In this case, the task fields have been filled in such that an outcome is satisfied.  The current activity is marked as complete and onward transitions are shown.  Here we see that the onward transition Confirm Start is enabled, but Finish Workflow is not.  This will be controlled by the outcome that was satisfied by the task field values entered.

Activity Completion Criteria

When using Advanced models, activities are broken down into Task Models which detail information that needs to be captured from the agent and based on the information provided, will take one of many routes through the model.  Therefore, the model will control which information to capture based on information already provided.  For example, we only want to capture the Wifi Modem type if we have previously identified there is a problem with the Modem.

Based on the information provided, eventually all details will have been entered to allow the Task Model to produce an outcome.  This outcome indicates that the current activity is now complete, and can also be used to control which transitions are available when moving to another activity.


Collapsible Activity Section

The chevron to the right of the current activity name can be used to expand or collapse the section detailing its activity task fields. On entering an activity, the workflow assistant will automatically expand this section if the current activity is incomplete, on the basis that this should be the agent's next focus of attention.


WCAA Expanded.png


WCAA Collapsed.png

Note: Be aware that the workflow assistant may automatically collapse the current activity section as a result of performing other actions, such as selecting an onward activity.

Persisting Changes

At any time the Zendesk submit button may be pressed as normal to persist changes to field values, comments etc.

When pressing submit the workflow assistant may briefly enter a busy state whilst the Flowset specific information, such as activity task field values, are recorded.


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