Working in Destination Board (Events) Mode

Working in Destination Board (Events) Mode


  • Click on the Dashboard tab (1).
  • Select the SLA-M Dashboard in Events mode (2).
  • Next: This list focus on the next set of tickets with due SLA events (3).
  • Late: For tickets with SLA events overdue (4).
  • Whats Next: SLA events due on the horizon (5).
  • Dynamic Filtering based on the working tickets data set (7).

Select the SLA-M Dashboard in Events mode (2) to provide an holistic view of all outstanding events for all open tickets waiting for action, ordered by next due date/time.

Three configurable ordered lists are provided:

  • The center list (3) used to focus on the very next set of tickets with due SLA events (usually within the next 24 hours)
  • The right-hand list (4) used for tickets with SLA events overdue (i.e. the SLA has already violated, but the event or task has yet to be completed)
  • The left-hand column (5) for SLA events due on the horizon

The display automatically updates every minute, and can be refreshed on-demand (see Refreshing Information in the SLA-M Dashboard).

To support ticket volume scaling, the display will adjust to use all available vertical and horizontal screen space, and break the lists (6) such that you're always able to see the top and bottom of the lists.

Dynamic filtering (7) adds unparalleled flexibility and insight. Based on the working tickets data set, the filters are reverse generated, complete with counts, to indicate the shape and distribution of the tickets. Selecting a filter(s) narrows down the lists of tickets that share the selected filter, displaying also further reverse analysis of common characteristic shared by the filtered tickets (see Using the Dashboard Filters for full details).

As such, it is possible to zoom in to explore pattern set's of tickets to get a sense of the workload in relation to SLA commitments and to make operational decisions on which ticket to do next based on narrow factors, such as, informal relative importance.

Also from a management or team lead perspective it is possible to readily spot any potential bottlenecks or holdups and take the necessary action to re-balance or re-assign the workload to avoid unnecessary SLA violations.

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