Working in Destination Board (Tickets) Mode

Working in Destination Board (Tickets) Mode

  • Select the SLA-M Tickets mode (1) to present a more traditional Zendesk style view of all tickets that have one of more outstanding events waiting for action.
  • Use the filters (2) to dynamically narrow down the results to identify those tickets that are of most importance, i.e. only those assigned to me as an agent (3).
  • As with standard Zendesk views the information is presented in rows with each row representing a ticket (4).

  •  By default the list of tickets is ordered based the next SLA breach date/time (5).

  • As with standard Zendesk views the rows can be re-sorted by clicking on the column heading for any of the configurable ticket fields (6).

Showing and Hiding Event Columns


  • Select or de-select any or all of the associated SLA events (7) to include them as columns within the table (9).
  • Select a column header (8) to sort based on the due date/time for the associated event. 

The display automatically updates every minute, and can be refreshed on-demand (see Refreshing Information in the SLA-M Dashboard).

In this way it is possible for an agent to quickly identify which tickets to work on next, what type of events or tasks must be performed and by when and thus effectively plan based on the outstanding workload.

 Showing and hiding Ticket ID and Breach At Columns


The ticket number (1) and the ability to display and details when a SLR breach will occur (3) can be shown or hidden by selecting either of the two buttons:

  • Ticket Id can be toggled on or off by pressing the Ticket ID button (1).
  • This displays the open tickets (2).
  • The time which a SLA breach will occur can be toggled on or off by clicking on the Beach At button (3).
  • The date and time of a potential breach will be displayed (4).

An alternative method to view this information is to hover the mouse over the Subject.


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