Impact of Cloudset branding changes

In July 2020 Cloudset undertook a branding refresh that involved a change of product names and badge icons. The following products have not technically changed.

While the decimation of these changes is automatically handled by the Zendesk App Marketplace (ZAM) and the Cloudset Framework, there is one residual impact area that customers may want to address to save confusion now or at a later date. 

When Cloudset Apps are installed from the ZAM a default title name is offered, often accepted, or an alternative is specified during the installation. 

What you will see change as a result of the brand refresh rollout will be a change in the app icon used to access Cloudset Apps, specifically:

  • CloudSET Conditionality changing to Formset
  • CloudSET Tailoring changing to Systemset



However, their title names in the Zendesk App Management interface and hovering over the icons will still show the old product names or the names that were set as part of the install, or subsequently changed.

As such, we recommend that you manually change the names of the Cloudset Apps to reflect the new product names, if only to stop confusion some time in the future.


Changing Cloudset Apps


1. Click on the settings icon (1). Click on Manage (2).

2. Enable the required apps (3). They should be displayed in the Enabled Apps side of the window.


Renaming Cloudset Apps


1. Click on Settings (1).

2. Change name if applicable (2). To obtain the correct name, place mouse over the Formset icon (3).

3. Change the name to Formset (4)

4. Press the Update button to save changes (5).

5. The correct branding with be displayed against the icon (6).

Once changed, the new title name will be reflected everywhere else in the Zendesk interface:



Additional Note

Changes to the following apps will be implemented manually as part of planned upgrades:

  • CloudSET Processes/Pro to Flowset
  • CloudSET SLA Management to Performset

The Cloudset team will reach out to customer accordingly to discuss or you can raise a ticket with us at




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