What is Performset?



Performance measurement is an extension module for Zendesk that provides enterprise grade Service Level Agreements (SLA).


Core Capability

The core capability is a set of sophisticated timers and functions to monitor and measure the completion of events during your Customer Support process, with a total system resolution fidelity down to 1 minute intervals. Timers can also be paused & recalculated. They can also be set to use Real Hours or Business Working Hours, as well as warning period that can be set to provide a pre-breach warning.


Model Driven Approach

The number and use of events and timers is determined by your Customer Support process and the SLA contracts you have in place with your customers.

The setup and configuration of the performance measurement  solution adopts a model driven approach during which each of the events are identified together with the order and dependency in which they occur.

Once this model is in place each event is configured to specify when and how to monitor and measure the SLA.


Priority Based SLA's

SLA's typically tie into priority levels, but can also be used in conjunction with custom lifecycle's. It is also possible to have multiple, mutually exclusive, SLA's e.g. Gold, Silver, Bronze, as well as SLA's not tied to a priority level e.g. non-assignment scenarios.


Technology Enablers

This is made possible by four enabling factors:

  1. Native Zendesk functionality, principally Triggers (event detection & action) and Targets (pushing events externally) - base template
  2. Zendesk extensibility (JS Widgets and Apps)
  3. Cloudset Framework/Configuration Tools
  4. Cloudset hosted Web Service (SLA Timers and Functions)

Cloudset packages together all the necessary technical components to be installed on Zendesk, together with the consulting resources to configure specific SLA's, and the operational web service too that performs the timer and other server based functions.


Forms Based Configuration and Generated Zendesk Components

A  forms based configuration tool is used to model and fully specify your performance measurement solution.

All configurations are securely stored on the web server from where they can be referenced when necessary while processing your tickets using your Zendesk account.

Timers are started, monitored, paused, restarted and stopped by functions performed on the web server in accordance with your event model.

Zendesk components such as ticket fields, triggers and targets are generated or regenerated  when the configurations are updated and saved, removing the need for manual maintenance and/or detailed knowledge and understanding in the use and purpose of these components.

Hooks and interface points are also generated for use in manually created triggers when there is a need to perform more complex pre and post processing in parallel with the performance measurement process.


Consulting Led Design & Implementation

Given the number of possible variations and mixed use of native and extension elements, the main design and implementation is consulting led. This is typically just a few hours work to understand the use cases, configure, and test.


Post Implementation Configuration

Once in service, it is possible for Zendesk administrators to make changes to the main business level configuration settings.

Please Note: The performance measurement & Reporting Module has been developed as an enabler to a service provided by a qualified Cloudset Consultant to customers of Zendesk wishing to deploy a fully functioning Performset solution.

As such Cloudset Ltd. will not provide support for the use or consequences of attempting to install and setup this module, to any person other than a qualified and recognized Cloudset Consultant.


Deployed and Maintained using the Cloudset Framework

The solution is provided using the Performset App deployed and maintained within the Cloudset Framework.

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