Configuring Warning and Violation Notifications - (Events Tab) (Performset)

The following are instructions for the use of the Events tab to configure notifications to be sent when there is a warning of an impending breach or when the target for completion of an event is missed, violating the SLA


  • Click on the Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Configure tab (2).
  • Select the Events page (3).
  • A list of event types will be shown (4).

Generic Event Names

The Event Type (4) is used as the generic reference to the corresponding event in generated ticket fields using capitalization  (e.g. SLA3 Solve Measure), although this name is often replaced in Labels using the Policies tab (also see Monitor and Measure Performance in Views and Reports for more information regarding the use of these ticket fields).



Configuring SLA Notifications



Selecting an Event Type (1) will open the Event Details dialogue from where notification messages can be configured (2).

Multiple alternative messages can be configured to be sent when there is a warning of an impending breach (3) or a violation has occurred for the event (4).

Each message can be sent to one or more recipient agents and groups (5) (see below) and the content of the email subject (6) and email message body (7) can be specified.

Placeholders can be used in the subject and email body as outlined in the following article: Using Placeholders in Warning and Violation Notifications

If the notification isn't required, it can be removed from the configurations (8) to prevent the email message being sent when the violation or warning occurs.


It is possible that there will be a need to perform alternative actions if and when a target violation or warning occurs.

Under these circumstances it will be necessary to manually develop a Zendesk trigger to fire when a violation or warning occurs (see Using Warning and Violation Post Hooks for more details)


Configuring Alternative, Additional Notifications



There is often a requirement to send out additional or alternative notifications if and when a target violation or warning occurs.

Any number of additional notifications can be configured (1) to send an email with a different subject or email body to alternative recipients (2).

Rules can be configured to determine the conditions under which a notification should be sent (3) and (4) (see below for full details).

A condition can be removed if no longer required (5).

A notification can be removed if no longer required (6).


Defining Notification Rules



Click on the icon (1). The Edit Notification Condition window opens.

When defining a notification rule it is possible to specify All of the field values that must be set (2) in order for the email notification to be sent.

In addition or alternatively, it is also possible to specify a list of values Any of which could be set for a field in order for the notification to be sent (3).

So in the example above the notification will be sent if the Priority is 'Urgent' AND the Type is either 'Incident' OR 'Problem'.

*Note: the rule definitions work in much the same way as the conditions defined for Zendesk Triggers and the following article provides more detail should a further explanation be required: Understanding trigger conditions and actions

Enter an appropriate description (4) to describe the purpose of the notification rule and select 'OK' to save the rule (5).

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