Performset Configuration


This article explains how to use the Performset Configuration tool to reconfigure and refine your existing performance measurement solution.

Once your performance measurement solution has been installed and deployed as part of your Zendesk account it is possible to reconfigure the setup to change the way events are monitored and measured.

This might involve the introduction of new Policies and Regions, or there might be a need to change the existing performance measurement specifications or business operating hours used by one or more Policies or Regions.

This is achieved through the use of the Performset Configuration tool to capture and maintain your performance measurement specifications.


Invoke the Performset Configuration Tool


  •  Click on the Performset icon (1).
  • Click on the Configure tab (2).
  • Select the Dashboard page (3).
  • The General page should be displayed (4).

The Performset Configuration tool can be invoked by selecting the sidebar icon from within the Zendesk browser interface (1) and then opening the Configure tab (2)


Save Updates and Regenerate your performance measurement Solution

  • Metric Weightings will be displayed (1).
  • Use drag and drop to specify the order of importance of the metric names (2). This ordering will be used on the ticket centric view to display the most significant metric violation.
  • Once configuration updates are complete, click on the Save button (3).

Once all configuration updates are complete, the changes should be saved (3) to regenerate all components of your performance measurement solution, both within your Zendesk account and the performance measurement database server.

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