Decommissioning a Cloudset Performset Installation



The following procedure should be carried out if there is a need to completely remove the use of your Performset setup and configuration.


01. Decommission-Performset-Instal.png

  • Click on the Performset icon (1).
  • Press the Configure tab (2).

A Cloudset Performset installation can be identified from the presence of the Performset Configuration Tool (2).


Step 1. Notify Cloudset of your Intention to Decommission

Please notify Cloudset of your intention to decommission the use of your Performset services at the earliest opportunity.

This will enable preparation and scheduling of the resources required to complete Step 2 in this procedure at a mutually convenient date and time based on your intentions.

Ideally this procedure should be initiated by raising a ticket via the support desk:


Step 2. Wait for Cloudset to Stop your Performset services

Once we have received your decommissioning request, arrangements will be made for Cloudset to stop all processing of your ticket via the Performset services.

This will involve the following, usually performed by our engineering team:

  1. Stop the processing of incremental updates for the zendesk subdomain (hosepipe processing)
  2. Stop and clear out all running event timers in use to measure performance for the zendesk subdomain

Once this step has been completed, we will inform you that it is now safe to continue with step 3.


Step 3. Uninstall the Performset App

Once your Performset services have been stopped in step 2., it will be safe to uninstall the Performset App from your Zendesk account:



Once these Apps have been uninstalled the following will no longer be present in your Zendesk:

**WARNING** Please be aware that uninstalling these Apps will also permanently remove all configuration data used to model and specify your performance measurement process along with all data held about your tickets and event in the Performset Dashboard and it won't be possible to reinstall.


Step 4. Deactivate and/or Delete all SLA Specific Ticket Fields

Uninstalling the Performset App will remove any triggers specifically for use by the Performset service.

However, if you no longer require the ticket fields used to store the performance measurements recorded by the Performset service, it will be necessary to remove these manually:




Step 5. Notify Cloudset once Decommissioning Complete

Please notify Cloudset once the above steps are complete and the Cloudset Performset services are no longer required.

This will enable your Cloudset subscription to be updated preventing any further use and billing of these services.

A request to complete this task can be submitted to Cloudset using a ticket via the support desk:

Ideally a ticket should have been raised in advance of your intention to decommission the Performset services (see Step 1 above).

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