Workflow Information

Summary workflow information, status and documentation are always available from the top of the workflow assistant.

Existing Tickets

Workflow Name

The name of the current workflow on a ticket, is shown at all times at the top of the Flowset Assistant.




Workflow Description

If the author of the workflow defined a description, the assistant will display this below the workflow name. 



Workflow Audit Details

Details about the workflow that has run on a ticket are recorded in the audit details.  This is accessible via the link shown. 


The audit details include

  • Workflows that have been run on the ticket
  • Details of any parallel child tickets created (accessible from the parent ticket)
  • Details of any parent ticket (accessible from parallel child tickets)

See Workflow Parallel Activities for details

Parent Ticket

If the workflow is running on a parallel ticket that has been split off from a parent workflow, a link back to the parent ticket will be shown beneath the workflow name.


Workflow Documentation and Live Diagrams

Documentation and live contextual diagrams can be accessed by clicking the information icon to the right of the workflow name. 




Live Diagrams

Clicking the information icon opens a tabbed modal window with the diagrams tab selected. The current activity is highlighted within the workflow diagram.


  • Diagram Decomposition Breadcrumb (1).
  • Current Activity (2).

When the current activity is inside an activity decomposition, (or running inside a parallel ticket that has branched off a parent workflow), the title bar becomes a breadcrumb showing the decomposition levels. Clicking on an breadcrumb element will switch to the relevant diagram in the ancestral hierarchy and highlight the parent activity.

In the above example there is no decomposition so the breadcrumb just shows the top level workflow name.


Workflow / Activity Notes

If the author has defined general documentation for the workflow, this can be viewed by switching to the "Workflow" tab



Similarly if the author has defined specific documentation for the current activity, this can be read under the "Activity" tab. 


If no documentation has been written for the workflow and/or activity, the relevant tab(s) will not be present.


Workflow Enactment Restrictions

It is not always possible for the current agent to progress the workflow on a ticket. The may be due to one of the following reasons :

  1. The workflow defines enactment permissions and the agent does not belong to any of the permitted groups.
  2. The current activity defines enactment permissions  and the agent does not belong to any of the permitted groups.
  3. The agent is a Zendesk "Light Agent"
  4. The current ticket form does not contain the necessary ticket fields that allows the workflow assistant to run, specifically the app requirement field called "[Flowset] Data"

If any of these restrictions occur :

  1. A red error message appears at the top of the workflow assistant
  2. The workflow assistant panel is made opaque and does not respond to agent interactions

In the case of enactment permission errors, the necessary group memberships are detailed below the error message



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