Workflow Applying Accelerators

Accelerators improve an agents efficiency by populating fields and comments with predefined combinations of values for known use cases. They can also optionally select a next activity.

Visualization in the Workflow Assistant

If an activity has accelerators these are presented in a select combo at the bottom of the workflow assistant


Comparison with Zendesk Macros

Accelerators have some similarities with Zendesk macros : 

  1. They have a descriptive name and are chosen from a dropdown
  2. They automatically populate ticket field values/ticket comments with predefined values

However there are differences too :

  1. Accelerators are not global. The choices offered are only relevant to the current activity, eliminating the risk of selecting one that is inappropriate for the current stage of the workflow.
  2. Accelerators can optionally select a next activity after its field/comments have been populated
  3. Accelerators that specify next activities are disabled if there are outstanding checklist items on the current activity. This is because next activities can never be selected in this state.


Predefined Field Value Combinations (1)


After selection of the "Minor Retrospective Change" accelerator, the "Cab Type" and "CAB Change Level" fields have been given predefined values :



Predefined Field Value Combinations (2)

Like Zendesk Macros, accelerators overwrite existing field values. Here the agent is about to choose a different accelerator :


After selecting the accelerator, the "Cab Type" and "CAB Change Level" fields have been given new predefined values :



Accelerators that Select Next Activities

The next example demonstrates accelerators that add predefined comments to the ticket and then select an appropriate next activity. Initially all the accelerators are disabled because they all select next activities and there are still a couple of checklist items outstanding. 


If an additional accelerator were present that did not select a next activity, this would be enabled for selection because it can be used before the activity is complete.

Once the checklist items are all complete the agent can choose an accelerator :


After selection a template value has been added to the comment field and the relevant onward activity has been automatically selected :



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