Workflow Rich Text Notes

Edit a workflow notes

To edit the notes of a workflow, double click the process shape and edit the process notes


The process notes are a rich text description of what the workflow is intended for and how the agent should go about taking a ticket through this workflow.  Activities within a workflow can also have notes describing what the agent needs to do to complete the current activity.  These process and activity notes are available when a ticket is running a workflow so that the agent can see these notes to get an understanding of what they are required to do.

Double click the process shape and then click the add (or edit if notes already exist) button to edit the notes for the workflow.  A rich text editor is displayed in a modal which can be used to describe the workflow.

Process Notes.png

The toolbar in the rich text editor provides controls for

  • Paragraph styles
  • Bold, italic and underlined text
  • Font size
  • Text alignment
  • Numbered and bulleted lists
  • Indent and outdent
  • Tables
  • Links
  • Horizontal separator
  • Embedded images
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