Activity Group Assignments

Editing an activity group assignment

To edit the group assignment for an activity, double click the activity shape and then edit the assigned to group property.


The assigned to group property of an activity controls which group or groups the ticket must be assigned to when the activity is in progress.  When you transition the workflow to a new activity on which assigned to groups are defined, the Zendesk ticket Interface will prompt you to supply one of the assigned to groups or a member of one of these groups when you submit the ticket.  Using this property, it is possible to design your process so that responsibility for various activities in the process is distributed across many groups and agents.

Double click the activity shape and then click the add (or edit if assign to groups already exist) button to edit these groups.  A modal is displayed in which the available groups are listed.  If no assign to groups are defined for an activity, then the group/assignee for the ticket will not change when transitioning to the activity.


Workflow start activity

The start activity of a workflow (the activity linked to the start shape) may have assign to groups defined.  When a ticket is placed under workflow control the following behaviour occurs

Start activity assign to group Behaviour
None The ticket group and assignee are unchanged
Single group The ticket will be assigned to the identified group
Multiple groups The ticket will be assigned to the first group of the many

Generally, it makes sense to have at most one assign to group for a start activity.


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