Activity Accelerator Usage

Defining which accelerators are available for an activity

To edit the available accelerators for an activity, double click the activity shape and then edit the available accelerators property.


Accelerators are rather like Zendesk macros. They can be defined to set a collection of field values and ticket comments.  Accelerators are defined against the process (see Workflow Accelerators), here we specify which accelerators can be used when this activity is currently on the ticket.

Double click the activity shape and then click the add (or edit if available accelerators already exist) button to edit the available accelerators.  A modal is displayed in which the available accelerators are listed.


Select those accelerators that you wish to make available to agents when performing this activity in the workflow.  You can additionally select a transition which will be selected when the accelerator is applied to the ticket.  This transition is optional and may be appropriate to include depending on how your process is defined.  Normally when including a transition with the accelerator, the accelerator definition will be set up to ensure that it sets field values which ensure that the accompanying transition is available.

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