Activity Initialize Field Values

Edit activity initialize field values

To edit activity field value intialization, double click the activity shape and edit the initialize field values from the properties panel.


When an activity is started on a ticket as part of a workflow, it can initialize field values.  This can be used to set data on the ticket which is pertinent to the activity and not rely on the agent to set this data manually.

Double click the activity shape and then click the add (or edit if initialize field values already exist) button to edit the initialize field values for the activity.  A modal will be displayed where you can select from a list of system and custom fields and supply the value you want to be set.


Click the 'Add' button to create a new field value entry.  Choose the field whose value you wish to set from the drop down on the left and then supply the value you want to set it to.  For drop down fields you will be given a list of valid values to choose from.  Checkboxes will allow you to select 'Checked' or 'Unchecked'.  Otherwise, type in the value you wish to set.

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