Transition Conditions (Standard Only)

*NOTE: Using Activity Tasks it is also possible to specify alternative outcomes to control the conditions under which a transition is available in a workflow (see Activity Tasks and Task Outcomes)

Edit transition conditions

To edit transition conditions, double click the transition link and edit the condition.


  • Double click transition link (1).
  • Edit transition condition (2).


Transition conditions are used to control the circumstances under which a transition is allowed to be performed.  When the current workflow activity is completed, the agent will be presented with a list of the available transitions from the current activity.  The agent will only be able to choose those transitions where the transition conditions (if they are defined) are satisfied and the pre conditions (if they are defined) of the activity that this transition leads to are satisfied.

Transition conditions can be used to control the route through the workflow that the ticket takes based on information provided.  For example, a transition which bypasses the change review board and goes straight to change implementation could have a condition which means it is only available when the ticket has a change categorised as an Emergency.

When a transition has conditions defined, it is rendered on the diagram with an open diamond at the start of the link.

To edit the transition condition, double click the transition link and then edit the transition condition in the property panel that appears on the right of the screen.  Click anywhere on the diagram outside of the property editor to close it.  A condition editor will be displayed in a modal. See Editing Conditions for details of how to define the specifics of the transition condition.

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