Workflow Configuration Validation

This is somewhat different to Process Diagram Validation.  Process diagram validation is concerned with checking that the structure of the diagram is correct.  For example, there is a start and a stop, all activities have an incoming and outgoing flow etc.  These are things that can be checked as the process definition evolves over time.  Within the diagram, the shapes will have properties associated with them which refer to meta data held in Zendesk.  For example, conditions may refer to custom fields and their values, Groups

Explain the impact and support to spot and help rectify metadata changes to the Zendesk underlying configuration such as ticket field names and options values, and groups.  At the time these properties are set up, the Flowset configurator will ensure that you are presented with only valid options to choose from.  Hence these properties do not need to be checked when they are set up.

Over time, however, custom fields can be deactivated, deleted or their values changed such that the configuration properties now refer to metadata which has changed and may not exist any more.  The Flowset configuration data refers to metadata by id (e.g. custom ticket field id, ticket field drop down tag value).  If you change the label associated with ticket field or drop down values, the configuration data will largely be unaffected.  Issues arise when ticket field are deleted, deactivated or their option tag values change.

To help identify and resolve such issues, the properties defined against the shapes in a workflow definition are checked against the metadata.  Any shapes with properties that cannot be resolved to the current metadata will be identified with a red exclamation mark.


Hovering over the exclamation mark will show a tooltip with details of the validation issue.  The show errors button will also be displayed on the toolbar.  Clicking this button will display details of the validation problems that have been found.  The show errors modal will show metadata and structural problems if both exist.

MIssing Fields/Groups

To fix the problems, you will need to edit the properties of the shape or shapes showing issues.  Double click the shape or flow to show the properties editor.


The properties editor will highlight each property where problems have been detected and will provide a tooltip giving details of what the problem is.  In this case, the transition condition refers to a field with id 51429508, but this field cannot be found in the Zendesk meta data.  Click the edit button to resolve the problem.


The condition editor is displayed showing details of the issue.  There will be an explanation of the problem and what can be done to resolve it.  Here the issue is that the field cannot be found.

Each of the various property editors which refer to Zendesk metadata will show similar details of any issues with guidance about how to resolve it.


This is the group selection editor with a bad group identified.

Missing Field Values

When a property refers to a specific field value which can no longer be found, the display is subtly different.

BadValue.pngThe shape is marked with the red exclamation mark as before.  The property editor is highlighted in red as before.  Now the tooltip gives details of the property value that cannot be found (browsing).


From the editor. we see the specific value that could not be found (browsing) has been highlighted and set to the empty value for now.  The tooltip indicates that you should either select a different value, or remove the rule from the condition.

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