Workflow 3rd-party Integration

External Integrations

Flowset provides the ability to integrate with 3rd party applications.  The workflow can be configured to define automatic transitions from one activity to another when the ticket is marked with specific tags.  When any of these tags are added to the ticket, a trigger is fired which will attempt to perform the appropriate auto transition.  If none is defined for the current activity in the workflow, then nothing happens.  If one is defined then the transition will be applied and the workflow will proceed automatically.

Any 3rd party application wishing to instigate an automatic transition in this way will need to add the appropriate tag to the ticket using the Zendesk REST API.


In the workflow above, after the initial assessment, the workflow moves to an activity where it is awaiting engineering feedback.  Notice that there are no manual transitions from this activity, instead, there are 2 automatic transitions defined (1 & 2).  Auto Transition 1 will move to an activity whereby we propose the change be implemented.  Auto Transition 2 will move to an activity whereby we reject the change.

These automatic transitions are triggered when the ticket is updated and following tags are added 

Transition Tag
Auto Transition 1 flowset:external_custom1
Auto Transition 2 flowset:external_custom2
Auto Transition 3 flowset:external_custom3

When these tags are added to the ticket (by whatever means provided the ticket is not solved), a trigger calls the Flowset server to process any appropriate Auto Transition defined for the current activity.  The tag will be removed from the ticket automatically.  If there is a matching Auto Transition defined, the workflow will transition.  If no Auto Transition is defined, nothing will happen.  In the above example, if the tags 'flowset:external_custom1' is added when the workflow is on activity Initial Assessment, nothing will happen.  If it occurs when on activity 'Await Engineering Assessment', then it will transition to 'Propose Change'.

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