Orientation & Navigation Concepts

The Flowset App is made up of three main components and managed via the Cloudset Framework. The Cloudset Framework provides common services for Flowset, Formset, and Systemset.

The most visible and interactive component is the Workflow Assistant, a Zendesk App Tray App, located on the right-hand panel of the Zendesk Support agent interface. This the run-time component which can be used to select and start workflow processes, and then to guide/control the ticket workflow process lifecycle.


The layout of the Workflow Assistant consists of three main elements:

  1. What workflow process is running or which can I choose from if not started automatically
  2. What is the current activity and what may be holding it up
  3. What are the next activities available to me and what may I need to do as a requirement of the transition

There is another powerful and unique capability in the form of rich text documentation and the rendering of the process diagram to show the agent where they are in the workflow process. This is accessed from the information icon next to the workflow process name, opening up as a multi-tab modal box to provide more space to view the content.


The other main components of Flowset are administrative:

  • Workflow Management - creating, cloning, editing, and achieving, and deleting individual workflow process definitions
  • Workflow Editing - structuring processes and defining the workflow logic, akin to triggers and macros

Access to these admin function is restricted to Zendesk admins only and accessed via the Flowset icon on the left-hand navigation panel, with auto-selection of the Flowset configuration Workflow Management.

The Workflow Management screen lists workflow processes segmented as active or in-active, with an array of functions to  

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