Workflow Macro Concepts

Flowset Accelerators are the equivalent to Zendesk Macros, they are named differently to avoid confusion as Accelerators are wholly defined within the Flowset configuration, they are not reused Zendesk Macros. They are conceptually similar in the following areas:

  • A predefined set of actions that can be applied to a ticket, including field values and ticket comments
  • Editable comments before submitting the ticket
  • Used as a shortcut to speed up predictable response scenarios
  • Form of consistency and knowledge that helps the data quality

However, they are different and more powerful because they are tied precisely to particular workflow processes at the granularity of activities - this avoids the classic problem of the wrong macro being applied at the wrong time. This approach also helps with findability and segmentation above just agent group membership - agent handling time can be reduced by making available a much shorter list of Accelerators. 

The concept of a macro can be implemented in two way in Flowset:

  1. A set of alternative scenarios to pick from when focused on a Flowset activity within a workflow process. They can also include an activity transition selection to preserve a one-click experience.
  2. As part of a transition from one activity to the next selected, where there is no need for alternative scenarios per transition. It may also be the case that several valid transitions may be offered from the current activity, which could be considered akin to picking a macro. 

A core difference is both Flowset styles of applying macro concepts if those accelerators can be teamed with conditions on the activity, such that they can only become available if those conditions/data quality is correct. The result is that all the benefits of visible business logic aspects of macro concepts are retained and then melded with the benefits of triggers, should this be needed.

One other benefit of the Flowset style of implementing macro concepts is that Flowset Accelerators or the selection of a Transition can be backed out. Zendesk native Workflows operate on an incremental approach, which can make them tedious to undo.




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