Workflow Configuration Saving

Save your process definition

You can save your process definition at any time by clicking the save button.


When editing process definitions using the Flowset configuration tool, you can save any changes you have made by clicking the Save button.  When the process definition is edited (and there are changes to be saved), the Save button changes colour from blue to orange to indicate there are changes to be saved.  When you click the save button, it will then change back to the blue colour.

Periodically, any changes will be saved automatically (the button will switch back to the blue colour when this happens).

When the process diagram is saved, it will also be validated for structural completeness.  If there are any structural issues, a Show Errors button will appear and any shapes which are incorrect will be highlighted.

Process editing lifecycle

In order to edit a process definition, it must be locked.  Once locked, the process definition can be edited.  Any changes that are made to the process will be saved as draft.  The changes will not affect any tickets upon which this process is running.  To make the changes 'Live', the draft process definition needs to be published.  Once published, this updated process definition will be used on tickets.

For more complex changes to a process definition, it may be necessary to test the modified process before publishing it.  This can be achieved by submitting the draft changes for testing.

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