Activity Completion Conditions (Standard Only)

Edit activity completion conditions

To edit activity completion conditions, double click the activity shape and edit the completion conditions from the properties panel.


  • Double click activity shape (1).
    Edit completion conditions (2).

Activity completion conditions are conditions that must be satisfied in order that the activity can complete (and then move on to the next activity in the workflow).  Typically these conditions will expect the agent to have captured certain information onto the ticket (usually in custom fields).  Until the completion conditions are satisfied, the activity cannot complete and the workflow cannot progress.

An example completion condition for an activity concerned with triaging an incoming problem ticket might be to ensure that the 'Problem Category' custom field has been given a value.

Double click the activity shape and then click the add (or edit if completion conditions already exist) button to edit the completion conditions for the activity.  See Editing Conditions for details of how to define conditions.


Runtime assistant

When a workflow is running on a ticket and the current activity has completion conditions defined, the ticket sidebar app can assist you by showing only those fields that are involved in the completion conditions.  This makes it easier to concentrate on the information that needs to be supplied in order to proceed with the workflow.

In addition to the fields involved in activity completion conditions, the activity can be configured to show optional fields (fields whose values the agent may wish to fill out, but are not essential to complete the activity - e.g. extra details that might be useful) and read-only field (fields whose values may assist the agent in filling out the mandatory fields involved in the completion conditions).

See Optional Activity Fields and Read-only Activity Fields for more details.

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