Workflow Accelerators

Edit workflow accelerators

To edit workflow accelerators, double click the process shape and edit the process accelerators from the properties panel


Accelerators allow you to define a set of changes that can be applied to the ticket in a single operation (rather like a Zendesk macro).  Accelerators are defined against a process and then each activity in the process can define which accelerators are available to use for that activity.  This allows accelerators to be much more finely scoped and only present those accelerators that are relevant at the time.

To edit the accelerators defined for a process, double click the process shape (black rectangle at the top left of the diagram) and click the add (or edit if accelerators are already defined) button.  This will display a modal in which accelerators can be defined.


Add a new accelerator and name it.  If you do not name the accelerator, it will be lost when you save your changes.  Next, select each field and value you want to be set when the accelerator is applied to a ticket.  You can supply as many of these as you like for each accelerator.  When you have finished, click Save.

Field types

An accelerator can set any custom dropdown or checkbox field value, the system ticket priority and type and can add a public or private comment to the ticket.  When an accelerator is applied to a ticket, the values are set on the ticket (including any comment) but the agent is free to continue editing the ticket prior to submitting it.  Hence, the comment text can contain placeholders that the agent should fill in prior to submitting the ticket.

Editing Accelerators

For existing accelerators, click the cross image to delete field values from an accelerator, or to delete the whole accelerator.

WF Accelerator.png


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